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Maragondon Cavite Association of California History Begins Here..
In the early winter of 1977, three families were enjoying the gentle touch of the cool evening breeze coming from the formidable seaport of San Pedro. The family gathering was given for the families of Angeles and Medina by Mrs. Marcela Bertulano and the children at their San Pedro, California residence. As "kababayan" as well as being family relation, the "kamustahan" gradually evolved into the formation of an association for the Maragondon folks.
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Three months later, the first informal meeting was held at the Cerritos residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ante Angeo. This was attended by Cinto Ramirez, Ante Angeo, Romy Medina, Sidor Angles, and the late Jimmy Linson and which they lead and sorted out their brilliant ideas and illustration plans towards the establishment of a Maragondon association in California. Pursuant to the great idea, they agreed to spread some of their precious time and exert their pithy effort in locating Maragondon townmates in the four corner's of California. 

Afterwards, in mid-May of 1978, Mr. And Mrs. Nelson Arca threw a birthday party in which may "kababayan" were invited. Coincidentally, Mrs. Bana Unas, who earlier had a commitment to collect some donation for the Maragondon Catholic Church, was present along with Dr. Teofelo Arca, Rody Narvaez and Manoy Binotapa, to name a few. Sidor Angeles pas the hat around with his $20 bill inside it. With the other following suit, a final collection of over $200 was gathered from from the first wave of Oddities. This even inspired the founding fathers of Maragondon Cavite Association of California. subsequently a date was set up to visit the Maragondon folks in San Diego, California with two purposes in mind: To collect donation for Mrs. Unas said project and to inform the newly-organized Maragondon Cavite Association of California.

With Mrs. Bana Unas at the Helm, the hard working group composed of Lisa R. Cosuico, Nida De Guia, Ante and Roming Angeo, Romy and Melo Medina, Delfin Narvaez, Manoy Binotapa and Sidor Angeles headed south to San Diego. When informed about the incoming Maragondon fiesta celebration in the Los Angeles area, the fruitful visit resulted in affirmation from the San Diego District.

In the first week of July, 1978, a potluck meeting for the Los Angeles District was held at the Cerritos Park, spearheaded by Mr. and Mrs. Ante Angeo. To name some, present on that joyful occasion were the Dolorfino, Angeo, Arca, Narvaez and Medina families.  The celebration of the Maragondon town fiesta on the 14th of August, 1978 at the Liberty Park in Cerritos and the formation of different committees were part of the agenda.  Meanwhile, as the presidency of the organization was still unsettled, Ante Angeo was designated by the majority to be the acting chairman with Mrs. Unas as acting treasurer.

The very first Maragondon town fiesta celebration was a great success. filled with great fun and excitement, and meaningfully marked the birth of the benevolent Maragondon Cavite Association of California.  It was a memorable day of finding and fellowshipping with long-lost "kababayans."   The hugs and embraces evidenced the exhilarating spirit of long-sought togetherness among Maragondon townsfolk's.  A specially planned program highlighted the festivities of that day with Mrs. Lily Sustal, a well-known local soprano, rendered a couple of kundimans, stirring up enormous applause from the delighted audience.  The Los Angeles Dance troupe, the counterpart of the famed Bayanihan, electrified everyone with the Itik-Itik folk dance.

A month later after the town fiesta celebration, the first election of officers was held at the Gardena, California residence of Mr. and Mrs. Sidor Angeles. The first set of officer were: Romy Medina, President, Rody Narvaez, Exec. Vice President: Bella R. Angeo, Secretary: and Laling Sherman, Treasurer. These first set of elected officers and together with the five magnificent co-founder, namely: Ante, Cinto Romy, Sidor and Jimmy became know within the wonderful California family of Maragondon townpeople as the few who inspiringly formulated so that many can unselfishly share the fruit of the birth of the Maragondon Cavite Association of California.

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